Wedding photography is something we love. Especially when we come across such couples as Sylwia and Sebastian. We will remember their wedding day for a long time. First, it was very hot. A hot, beautiful summer. The sun was scorching in the sky, where the clouds flowed nowhere … Secondly - emotions were literally seething in our newlyweds.

In Sebastian's house, a cheerful atmosphere, although there was a slight nervousness. At Sylwia's house, we prepare with full bodyguards - mom prepares a veil, sister puts on earrings and dad pours champagne into glasses so that the girls can toast in a moment. Sylwia's last toast as a virgin. We know her family home. We are there for the second time. Three years ago, Justyna was married - Sylwia's sister, who is today her witness, just like Sylwia was during her wedding.

It is beautiful, family. Seba is coming. Emotion and a slight disbelief that it is already here.
The Holy Mass in the church in Becejły was a moving ceremony. Tears shed. Tears of happiness. Sylwia tears ran down his cheeks, Sebastian's voice broke. We captured it in photos and in a wedding film.

We can describe what happened at the wedding with a short: "Wow!". Lots of energy, positive people and joy. Joy that it is already. Sylwia and Sebastian are married. After ten years of being together, they took this courageous but also very important step in their lives. It was a great honor for us to work on wedding photos and videos.