Such weddings are remembered for a long time. Perhaps because Daria and Marcin have been a couple for several years and have been planning this wedding for a long time. They planned everything in detail.

Preparations at Daria's house are crazy women. A friend, sister and mother helped the future bride in dressing up and accessories. From time to time, daddy sneaked quietly, watching his daughter, "little daughter", start a new chapter in her life - life with no boyfriend or fiancée, but the wife's life with her husband.

There are over a dozen people in Marcin's house. Great shake. The bachelor time is over. The guys are easy to prepare Marcin for the departure for Daria.

At the doorstep of the Bride's house, Marcin and Daria's brother play a small show. The guests fold their hands to applause with delight. Beautiful moments.

The charismatic sermon delivered by the parish priest in Krasnopol attracted the attention of all those present at the Mass. Beautiful, wise and very direct words were addressed directly to the newlyweds.

As you can guess, Daria and Marcin's wedding was a great party. The floor was warm from the very beginning and the team did breaks as they should: rarely and briefly.

The movie and wedding photos we took during Daria and Marcin's ceremony was a great adventure. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this amazing day.