Great emotions accompany the wedding day with couples who are already parents. While working on film and photo material in such houses, we always try to show that this day is not only an important event for Mom and Dad, but it is a holiday for the whole family. Therefore, Rafałek had to be at the center of this reportage.

Paulina and Michał are a couple who radiate such pleasant warmth. You sit with them, talk to them, and you know they are just good people.
Do you know the moment when Dad leads his daughter to the altar? The groom is waiting impatiently with a witness. Paulina, walking slowly and dignified arm with her Dad, smiles, feeling a slight shiver before what is about to happen.

We especially like this moment in our wedding reports. The father, who was with his daughter from the first days of her life, put her to sleep, taught her first steps and made sandwiches to school, today he hands her over to another man. But Paulina's dad shows that he is calm. After all, Michał is a "proven guest". Paulina's dad knows what he is doing. Last kiss on the cheek of Miss Paulina. After leaving the temple, she will be married.

Paulina and Michał received wedding photos from us with great joy and they kindly described their feelings to us with a short "It's amazing!" This is enough for us to know that the wedding reportage had power.