In the area where we live there are places emanating some magic.

It was there that we took newly married spouses - Carolina and Patrick.

Patrick approached the topic relaxed. Karolina has never participated in such ventures before. However, she had a certain vision for the film. We agreed the scenario together and began to act.

Emotions, emotions, emotions.
It is thanks to the emotions conveyed in the wedding film that we can assess him. Cool, interesting, touching, inspirational or simple, boring, bland.
About how much emotion is easy on the wedding day because they flutter in the air - the art of capturing them. So much in the open air you have to "derive" them. But not in the case of Carolina and Patrick. Watch the movie and tell yourself. Did this couple play emotions or not? Are these looks those in love? They didn't have to pretend anything.
If you watched this movie and thought - "What a beautiful movie!" - it's mainly because of the emotions between him and Carolina.