Wedding session in Vilnius

The capital of Lithuania is full of unusual nooks and beautiful tenements. With this awareness - Kasia and Kamil decided to organize their wedding outdoor session in Vilnius.
Departure by bus Kamil early in the morning. We are accompanied by complete relaxation and an atmosphere of excitement.

We are wandering in Vilnius alone, because none of us have been there before. But maybe it's better. Spontane, everything is new. Our senses are even more sharp when we are somewhere for the first time.

After entering another narrow street of the city, one of the passers-by accosts us saying that he sees that we are doing a photo session for the bride and groom. He proposes, completely selflessly, that we enter the backyard of his tenement house and take some pictures. A very nice gesture. After a moment, he indicates to the neighbor's yard that it is equally beautiful there. There, just like a moment ago, we received a warm welcome.

The atmosphere of Old Vilnius is unique and you can see it in the pictures you see below.