Wedding at the beginning of May

First weekend of May. A pleasant spring aura outside the window. Part of the flowers are in the early stages of flowering. Our heroes - Emily and Lucas already in their family homes finish the last details related to the wedding party.

The Bride and Groom appeared in front of our lens for the first time a month before the wedding. We were preparing a surprise for their parents then. Thanks in the form of a movie that we displayed on the day of the wedding. This form suited Emily and Lukas the most because they did not feel good talking to the microphone "live". They were afraid that they would forget something or that they would devour their stage fright.

But let's get back to Saturday. At Emily's, the whole family is waiting impatiently for what is to come. Emilka, although slightly under stress, jokes and laughs at bridesmaid every now and then.

Although Emily and Lucas have been a couple of years now, it is clear that time has not extinguished the heat in their eyes. This was best seen on the oath in the church. Staring at each other as in the picture. Beautiful!

The wedding of Our Bride and Groom was planned in advance and I saw that he was not particularly excluded. For us, Emily and Lukas were equally important. They deserved it.

We were able to capture beautiful photo and film frames. Anyway - see for yourself what happened there.