Tears of happiness

Everything takes place in Łódź.
During Holy Mass, the priest invites the bride and groom to the center of the altar. The young shake hands. The priest wraps his hands around Agnes and Damien. The young look at each other as if each of them was looking at the most wonderful thing created by the world. The priest quietly gives the words of the oath, which they are to make to each other in a moment. Agnieszka takes a deep breath. As deep as if it were to immerse the ocean in a moment. At the corner of her mouth is a delicate but very charming smile. From the speakers hanging on the pillars and walls of the old temple, the bride's trembling voice is heard:

"Me Agnes. I take you, Damian, for my husband … "- at this moment Agnes's eyes are filled with tears."… and I vow you love …" - Agnes could not stop the tears coming out of her eyes. The first runs down the cheek. More followed her.

This is happening. Before God and dozens of witnesses participating in this event, Agnes made a commitment to Damian, from which there is no turning back. They both waited a long time for this day.

Damien did not stay with Agnes. He couldn't hold back the tears either.
That's for sure. They are both fully aware of what is happening at the moment. Tears that flowed from the eyes of two lovers sealed the marriage.

"And that I will not leave you until my death …" - there is no more beautiful state of emotion than the one in which the person who is the one takes such an important oath.

We invite you, take a look at the small - big world of Agnes and Damien's love.