Hania and Marcin are a couple who had the honor of making a beautiful wedding film.
The outdoor session took place in Pomerania.

Gdańsk and Gdynia - these were our main points of work. Hania and Marcin felt very comfortable from the beginning of the shooting and it was easy for them to pose in front of the camera. The heat in the eyes of Marcin looking at Hania is expressive and unique.

Such wedding films are unique not only because of the places and people we see through the camera's eye, but emotions play the most important role here, and these were not lacking during our joint work both on the wedding day and during the wedding session.

Wedding photography in its most pleasant edition - outdoor location on the Baltic Sea and they - Hania and Marcin. The most beautiful day, the most beautiful photos. We will remember this trip to Gdańsk and Gdynia for a long time.